5 ERP Trends that can shape the facility industry in 2023

Let us begin to unravel 5 ERP trends that can shape the facility industry in 2023 to help improve efficiency and operations. The ability to monitor facilities remotely and automation has proven to be quintessential in reducing resource consumption and carbon footprints due to the lack of workers in our current economy. The facility management industry is under significant pressure to keep costs down while maintaining high standards of services.
The shifts in the economy and global facility management trends created the demand for advanced technology & innovation, new business models, and change in approaches of facility managers. The future of the facility management Industry is technology-dependent. Every Facility manager should know the technology trends that drive the industry transformation.
Some of the vital ERP trends to be aware of include
  • Smart-building technology and IoT
    Smart-building technology integrates building systems and sensors to improve comfort, efficiency, and productivity. The sensors and Smart connected devices give out information about machines that will transform into proactive and automated facility efficiencies for the machine's health, usage, planned preventive maintenance, and carbon footprint.
    IoT Devices can include appliances, wearables, building systems, vehicles, and machinery and IoT application involve using sensors to trigger workflows or update building systems.
  • Automation, Integration, and cloud-based solutions
    Automated systems have an impact on facilities management already. System integration is making a big wave in the enterprise environment. It is critical to allow them to communicate with one another, reducing manual and time-consuming processes.

    Access and deploy Cloud-based solutions from anywhere and is an easily replicable system.
  • Real-time communication.
    Managing and accessing accurate information promptly is vital to the facility industry. The data fed into the system gets translated into a work order and automated actions that help in making forecasting models for products and resources. Experts suggest that advanced technology will help managers forecast future needs to either scale up or down as conditions change.
  • Mobile-first approach and remote monitoring
    Recent research suggests that mobile will have a powerful impact on any technology in the future of service management. Many facility industries focus on providing seamless and engaging experiences to their employees. Providing mobile applications to service workers can drive significant productivity gains by eliminating inefficient and inaccurate paper-based processes. Remote monitoring helps reduce the cost of the resources with an expert overview available 24*7 in real-time.
  • Data security
    Experts think that as technology advances, the threat to data security enhances. A rise in the integrated system can strike a threat to data security. The Scopex ERP for facility management resolves and addresses cybersecurity issues effectively.

Final thoughts

The world of facility management is transforming at a rapid rate. Facility owners are finding new and innovative ways to be more efficient and productive in managing their facilities. The advanced technology enables tremendous changes in the facility environment and creates a dynamic work experience. The Scopex ERP for facility management is an impeccable choice that addresses all the future trends of the facility industry. All you need to do is to click here for the Scopex ERP demo and get started today!

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