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Requests For Quotation

Creating RFQ

Step 1- Click “Apps” Module

Step 2- Click “Purchase” From the List

Step 3- Click “Request for Quotation” From the subMenu

It will direct Us to the Request For Quotation Page

Click the “Create” Button To create RFQ, It will direct to the RFQ Create Page

Step 1- Enter the Vendor Details

Step 2- Enter Product Details

Step 3- Enter Other Information

Step 4- Click the “Save” Button

RFQ to Purchase Order

1- Click the “Confirm Order” Button to convert RFQ as Purchase Order

2- Click “Send By Email” For Send the RFQ through mail

Receiving Products

Step 1- Click Receive Product Button

Step 2- Click Validate Button

Creating Vendor Bill

Step 1- Click Create Bill Button

Step 2- Click the “Validate” Button

Step 3- Click Register Payment Button

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