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Basic Contact Creation

Storing and retrieving information from multiple places is time-consuming and hectic. Scopex saves your time by allowing you to keep your contacts in one centralized place. With the contact module, you can encode, manage and empower the contact information. Instantly avail up to the minute history of all conversations, communications and meetings, presentations. Erase the confusion with a single sharable database that keeps everyone in sync.

i) All information in a single platform

Get a unified view of customers. Contact information is fed and placed in a single platform to avoid repetitive work and save time.

ii) Track complete customer relationship cycle

  • Avail all the information’s instantly. 
  • Track every interaction with the contact –presentation, meeting, phone conversations, emails, notes, everything from customer to sales leads and sales team performance etc.
  • Deliver excellent customer service.

Powerful filters to access the data that you need. Group your contacts by relevant field.  And also prioritize the contacts and add them to your dashboards.

iv) Insightful outlook of all schedules meetings.

Get an overview of meetings scheduled with a contact, send invitations, add useful information and mesh everything with Google calendar.


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