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Why should you invest in Scopex ERP software for your Manufacturing business?


Why should you invest in Scopex ERP software for your Manufacturing business?

Scopex ERP can offer many significant benefits to help address challenges in the new post- covid world order. The global pandemic has hit hard on the Industry and resulted in massive changes that lead manufacturers more consciously to make fundamental changes to their operational styles. Scopex ERP system can efficiently replace an older system with improved functionality and analytics. It even eliminates fragmentation of the system. It offers an all-in-one solution.

Choosing a new ERP system can be challenging for any Industry. There are a lot of elements to be considered and groundwork to be done before finalizing one. Some challenges are genuine in selecting the ERP system when the company reaches scale and complexity. Currently, numerous options are available for any industry and companies of varying sizes and complexity.
The offering of Scopex ERP is a limitless, unique, and broad range. It eliminates fragmentation and integrates material and business control into a single platform with real-time data and analytics. It can act as an integrated solution for managing end-to-end business processes from shop floor to top floor and resources, operations, monitoring, reporting, sales, accounting, finance, and more on a single platform.

Let us look at the features Scopex ERP offers for the manufacturing industry

  • Multilevel security
    It stays cutting edge and keeps you ahead of any competition data- security at multilevel puts a hold on unauthorized viewing, editing, or downloading of the product data. The tricky kind of security ensures the safety of the data at multilevel.
  • Multilevel Billing
    Advanced manufacturing systems will have a multilevel BOM feature that helps manufacturers stay ahead of the curve by lowering work-in-process levels, optimizing cash flow, reducing product costs, and increasing efficiency. It enables a single bill of materials for multiple product variants.
  • Raw Material tracking
    Scopex ERP helps the business to track all the raw materials and components used in the manufacturing system.
  • Production plan
    Accurate tracking of the day-to-day production process is critical in a manufacturing firm. Planning and controlling the manufacturing process involving product designing, production tracking, and product delivery to the customer is an essential feature of Scopex ERP software.
  • Work Centre management
    Routing is an essential aspect of any manufacturing firm. Scopex ERP manages it effortlessly by saving your time and money.
  • Batch production
    When the products move from workstation to workstation, managing it as a whole is a critical functionality delivered by Scopex ERP.
  • Accounting and inventory integration
    Being a manufacturer managing the accounting and inventory behind your production operations is one of the top concerns. Scopex eases the process by seamlessly integrating the accounting & financing tools and inventory tools. The billing, invoicing, reconciliation of bank accounts, tax preparation & management, Bar code integration, BOM management, etc., are handled seamlessly.
  • Production process management
    Scopex ERP provides visibility throughout the production chain and optimizes its capacity to cut off costs and meet customer expectations. Some of the features of production management very well managed by the Scopex ERP system are planning, scheduling, lean production management, job management, quotations and estimations management, quality assurance and quality management, etc.
    Scopex Also manages documentation and contracts, machine integration, etc. You could get data from machines and operators to your mobile, receive alerts on machine conditions, preventive maintenance, asset maintenance, and enhance risk management.
  • Other features are Delivery control, Integrated purchase, Stock flow control, Quality control, and Capacity planning.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP

  • Enhanced security
    We can ensure the utmost data security to succeed in today’s market
  • Improved productivity
    Unleash innovation by optimizing the resources to the fullest
  • Integrated information
    Use software for multiple business functions
  • Mobility & flexibility
    Work remotely from anywhere at any time and on any device
  • Save money & time
    Eliminate errors, delays, and unnecessary expenses
  • Easy Forecasting & Reporting
    Forecast and plan resources to streamline inventory
  • Collaboration & Coordination
    A seamless experience for the teams to work as one business
  • Increased Employee efficiency
    Motivate employees toward the productive work environment


Scopex ERP system can enhance the organizational efficiency of the manufacturing industry by using an ERP. A Manufacturing organization can manage all its critical aspects ranging – from operations on the ground floor to supply chain and inventory management.

Scopex ERP system drives on-time production for manufacturers with accurate production planning, improved inventory control, and integration across various distribution channels. Customers are more satisfied when the items get delivered on time. A real-time ERP system helps you make decisions giving an analytical picture of the operations at a given time.
The features and functionalities listed above are only a part of what Scopex ERP can offer. The manufacturer considering adopting or updating existing ERP applications can consider Scopex ERP software with closed eyes.

Do you want to know more about Scopex ERP software for your manufacturing firm? Contact Us anytime.

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Is Scopex ERP solution the ideal tool for the manufacturing sector


Is Scopex ERP solution the ideal tool for the manufacturing sector?

Yes! The Scopex ERP solution is the ideal tool for the manufacturing sector at present and in the future. The manufacturing business in the present scenario is going through tremendous shifts and transformations. The change has taken place at each stage of manufacturing aspects – planning, production, supply chain, distribution, sales, and marketing. Empowering the businesses with the best manufacturing ERP solutions has become the need of the hour for the manufacturing Sector to answer all business requirements. The Scopex ERP simplifies all business aspects, smoothens the functioning of every business module on a single platform, and enables the different organizations to streamline every activity with maximum efficiency resulting in business growth and profitability.
Let us understand how the Manufacturing process works and what it needs to work better. Before that, you need to know the strategies of manufacturing.

Make-to-order and Make-to-stock 

  • Make-to-order (MTO) is a process that does not need extra inventory and is ideal for businesses that sell expensive or fresh-produced goods. In this process, strategy manufacturing starts just after the arrival of a customer order.

Make-to-stock (MTS)

  • Make-to-stock (MTS) is when the company produces the items much before and stores them in the warehouse until it is purchased by the customer. For example, supermarket products. These products are for future sales.
  • For example, a Pizza company may have to consider the strategy Make- to-Order because pizza tastes good when it is ready else, it may lose its freshness and starts to taste strange.
  • Firstly, A hungry customer orders pizza at the pizza shop to produce it. Here, The sales order with the bill of materials (list of raw materials needed to manufacture an end product) translated into a production order.
  • Maintaining many customer orders is not simple as it looks on the surface. Let us consider an instance where you received more orders than you usually get, a big order. Then, when you check stock for raw materials you need to actualize the order, you have a shocker to find that there are not enough raw materials to fulfill the order. 

What's Next!

  • You Started contacting your supplier, but the earliest your items arrive is way past the deadline.
  • In this scenario, You fail to deliver the orders causing customers not to return to your shop because of the ill experience.

How can you prevent and manage this situation smartly?

  • Yes!!, A Production planning.. Embrace it for your business success.
  • Production planning gives you information about the following things.
  • This process is the same for any manufacturing industry of any scale.

How can we make quality goods with minimal time and resources?

  • Delivering a product within budget and of the best quality is often filled with unexpected challenges. To overcome these challenges, companies need to look at their resources and can make the smart move to increase efficiency.
  • Once the product is ready, the delivery pizza boy takes the delivery of the product in a package to the customer.
  • After the customer pays for the product, the finance department will finally invoice the customer copy. This order completes here.

What does Scopex ERP offer for your manufacturing sector?

What makes an ERP an ideal one?

  • The manufacturing process in chemical, pharmaceutical, and Food processing companies involves complex manufacturing processes. Variable production outputs, compliance issues, traceability of products, and Scalability are some of the pain points to be addressed in process manufacturing.

Pain points Addressed by Scopex Manufacturing ERP

Maximized Process Flexibility

  • The manufacturing process usually involves process trains. An ERP solution must be flexible to handle the frequent changes that occur in production. It should adapt to various measurements, units, and conversions. Scopex ERP solution covers it all.

Quality Assurance and maintenance

  • QA and QM play a vital role in manufacturing. Manual handling of this process can result in blunders in the Batching and human errors in tracking and monitoring inventory data. Scopex ERP solution allows real-time inventory data traceability and performance reports.

Effective Product recall

  • Timely resolution is the need of the moment for this process of manufacturing. The Product recall not only puts the manufacturing company under financial losses but puts the intermediator (distributors and retailers) at the menace of legal action. Scopex ERP Solves this concern by identifying and tracking the shipping location of lot numbers with defective ingredients in real-time. The Sellers get notifications to remove faulty products reaching customers.

Start a Free Demo!

Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.